On-Site Consulting with LeaderShift

On-site consulting is open to all UCC communities of faith and ministries within the Pacific Mountain Regional Council, and the consultant fund will cover up to $2000 of a consultant’s services.

  • Applicants can receive funding for one project/consultant per calendar year

  • Applicants can apply as often as needed however if we receive more applications than funds for the year, applicants who have not received funding previously will take priority

  • Applications are reviewed 3 times a year: Oct 31st, Jan 31st and May 31st.

Click here to be taken to the online form: Access On-Site Support application form

Additional Information

  • If a community of faith or congregation wishes to use a consultant not on the list of contractors currently approved by LeaderShift, please contact Allison Rennie. directly to explore that option. Priority will be given to contractors who can support communities of faith and ministries beyond the Lower Mainland East and Lower Mainland West areas.

Become a Contractor with LeaderShift

If you are interested in becoming a contractor for LeaderShift, please apply!

  • Applicants need to demonstrate which categories they hold expertise in.

  • Applicants need to be able to offer congregations and communities of faith an ongoing rate that is no more than $100 an hour, or $600 for a full day session.

  • Applicants who have a relationship with the UCC and/or an understanding of the faith context will receive preference.

  • Applicants may need to go through a trial session to become a contractor on this service.

Click here to be taken to the online form: Apply to Become an On-Site Consultant

Congregational Workshops

As part of this commitment to growing your capacity, LeaderShift pays the facilitator’s one-day training fee for congregations accessing workshops through LeaderShift roster of excellent trainers. Congregation cover any other costs of the workshop such as food or travel for the facilitator. We encourage congregations to consider making the workshop free to attend!

Theological Banquet square.png

The Theological Banquet with Rev Janet Gear

Wondering how your congregation understands its faith, and how that shapes your congregation’s mission and work in the world? In this fun and engaging workshop, explore the different understandings of faith in your congregation, and understand how the theologies that are at play in your community influence your mission, vision and actions as a community!

This Theological Banquet workshop is perfect for congregations seeking to explore their faith, wanting to get some new material for planning for the future, and who are seeking to understand their community more deeply.

To book this workshop, email Brenda Wolff at the Pacific Mountain Regional Council, LeaderShift.